UCA Communication, PR Techniques class volunteered their time Feb. 13, 2015 to work with ILS on its Valentines Day projec

PR communication, PR techniques class with the candy and toiletry bags for ILS
Troy and Miss Elly the oldest resident with ILS at the age of 81

When asked about the valentines day dance Miss Elly said "I'm going to have fun at the dance tonight. I'm wearing blue jeans and a grey top."

Joanne Ford, supportive worker, helping ILS patron Miss Fran with her candy bag.

Contact Information:

UCA Department of Communication

201 Donaghey Ave, Conway, AR 72035

Win Thompson Hall 204

Phone: 501-450-3202

FAX: 501-852-2901


Twitter: @UCAComm

Independent Living Services

615 E. Robins St, Conway AR 72032

Phone: 501-327-5234

Fax: 501-548-6432


Contact: Jackie Fliss, 501-327-5234 ext.302


  Before Ms. Musgrove and Mr. Wright visited the class we were under the impression that this was going to be just another assignment.  After their visit and our trip to Independent Living Services for Valentine’s day, we came away with a very different and new understanding of how people who have to deal with this condition as well as the staff that work with them is quite unique.

Our impression after visiting Independent Living Services is that the staff and organizers of the facility have worked hard to ensure that these individuals get the best care that they and give.  The staff was very professional and really enjoyed what they do.

 The most important things that we took from this experience is that organizations like the University of Central Arkansas as well as other institution should make every effort to do something like this as often as possible.  We found that they staff, students, and patrons of Independent Living Services found this to be up lifting and some great knowledge was passed on.

We fell that the experience could have been changed so that there were more patrons to talk with.  The ones that we were able to talk with seemed to enjoy it as much as we did.

 We do believe that future classes should participate in similar service projects like this one.  Our reasoning behind this decision is simply based on the fact that it was a very good learning experience for those students who have never had the opportunity to participate in a volunteer exercise such as this.  We also believe that the patrons and staff of such organization as this one enjoy having the volunteers come by and speak with them and show them that they are people as well and should be treated as such.

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