Thomas Hooker     By: Ilya M

      Thomas Hooker was born in Marefield, U.K, in July 5, 1586. He attended Cambridge University, earning himself a Bachelor of Arts degree, and also a Master of Arts degree. Thomas was a prominent Puritan colonial leader and was also known as an outstanding speaker. Hooker was a humane and understanding clergyman. He eventually got into trouble with religious authorities over theological matters and was forced to flee from Boston. Hooker then led about 100 people to begin a new settlement called Hartford, Connecticut. Also, Hooker voiced democratic principles and aided in the making  of the Fundamental Orders, in 1683. And, when John Cotton held the position that only church members who owned property could vote, Hooker proposed a more democratic view, saying that all men should be able vote regardless of religion or property qualification. All of this shows that Thomas Hooker was a good man and he impacted the lives of many people.            

Thomas was born here.

He led the people to start a colony here.