Marshall Syndrome

By: Nathlaia C.-Qu'ron D.-Zaliah H.

What is Marshall Syndrome?

Marshall Syndrome is a disease that is most apparent in the facial area. Their eyes may be widely spaced apart, an upturned nose or flat nasal bridge.

How common is Marshall Syndrome ?

Marshall syndrome is a very rare disorder that can affect both females and males.

What causes Marshall Syndrome?

Marshall Syndrome is caused by an abnormality Collagen the gene symbol is COL11A1.

What are the symptoms associated with the disorder?  

If you have or think you have Marshall Syndrome here are some symptoms to look out for.

  • hearing loss
  • glaucoma
  • detached retina
  • crossed eyes

How is Marshall Syndrome detected or diagnosed?  

They diagnose people with Marshall Syndrome by their features or if they have eye and ear disease. You can also get diagnosed by the appearence of the biological parent.

Is there a cure for the disorder or ways to manage the symptoms?  

No their is not a cure for the syndrome, but the symptoms should be treated.

  • have annual eye and ear check ups because of a cataracts and hearing loss risk
  • cataracts surgery if it is developed
  • for hearing loss you can get a hearing aid
  • flat saddle nose can be changed with cosmetic surgery
  • if a child with Marshall Syndrome has osteoarthritis doctors advise no sports

If a person has Marshall Syndrome, can they pass it down to their offspring?

Yes, you can get it from one affected parent.

Is Marshall Syndrome a Dominant, Recessive  or a Sex-linked trait?

Marshall Syndrome is Autosomal Dominant.

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