Summary & Analysis Project

By , Impriss Moore

The above image shows separation, families being slit up and sent to create new lives.

Chapter 6 : False Hopes And Broken Hearts

Julius Lester's view on race shines through his novel, Day Of Tears , especially when one examines his work through a historical perspective. Within chapter 6 “The Auctioning of Slaves Continues,” Lester's portrayal of separation and betrayal truly prove that the qualities of trust between time periods of then and now, continue to run thin and are not promised.

In the beginning of the chapter, “The Auctioning of Slaves Continues” the story strives on as the names of the slaves and their auction numbers are being called and recorded, as well as the price they were sold for. Although the auctioning itself is slightly vague, the reader has the ability to imagine the feeling of being sold to strangers and separated from family and friends.As the auction in the story comes to an end Emma, our main character, begins to evaluate Joe, another former Butler plantation slave, and his new owner Mistress Henfield. Emma implies that although Joe has been sold away the Henfield woman appears to look ‘[L]ike a nice lady.” Soon after Emma’s thoughts have been presented Will, Emma’s father, enters the barn slightly went from the pouring rain falling outside. Will goes to find master Butler as he imagines himself with his wife. As Will continues his search, he briefly speaks about the three day rain storm finally beginning to let up.

As soon as the day finally begins to brighten, Will and Emma’s eyes wander to what seem to be deal making between Henfield and Butler, Emma almost immediately becomes defensive and both owners gaze in her direction.Emma’s grip on Sarah Butler ( Master Butler’s daughter) becomes tighter as she begins to gain understanding of the agreement that just took place, and Frances Butler approaches to collect her sister. Then Emma knew for sure that she had been sold. Sarah quickly tries to dismiss the thought of her father doing something so cruel to her as well as Will and Mattie. However as the reader continues to examine Lester’s award winning text, we witness Sarah’s heartbreak as she has to leave her best friend and only motherly figure she had left to be sold off and to live under the care of another master. The 3 girls quickly embrace one another, as tears gather in each set of eyes. Once the hug sizes, Sarah and Frances walk over to Pierce who is now furious my Sarah resistance.Master Butler strikes Sarah repeatedly until she can not take it anymore and violently rushes back into Emma’s arms, Pierce runs after her starting to realize what he has done to his daughter and soon enough he will realize what he has done to his lifelong relationships.

Rapidly, as Master turns to will and motions him to take Sarah , Will feels a sense of hatred fall over him.” How could you do this… We was like brothers…” Swiftly Pierce snaps at Will and smashes all relation connections by stating that they are not brother. All the commotion caused Pierce to question Will’s position on the plantation, letting his emotions get the best of him Will begins to give Pierce the cold shoulder then saying “ I should have let you drown”. This proves that trust should not always be expected, because everyone holds their better interest before others.

Emma continues to be strong, not just for herself but for Sarah and Will. As fast as she can she gives her father a kiss and then Sarah. Emma kneels down and does her best to speak words of encouragement to Sarah despite how much emotional pain she is feeling at the time. “ You remind me so much of your mama,” and as Emma’s conversation comes to an end Mistress Henfield comes to receive her newly bought property, Joe and Emma. The two follow Mistress to her coach that was driven by a fellow slave known by the name of Sampson. As they enter the coach Emma’s eyes venture straight to the window where she can see her loved ones in a distance. They exchange waves that could mean a thousand words to one another, she watches them until they turn into images of her imagination in the daylight. When the coach hits a corner the image of her loved ones disappears completely.

In this point in the chapter Will and Mattie feel as if they are drowned in betrayal, Due the downfall of their relationship with Master Butler. The thought of him being cold hearted enough to sell off their only child would have never ponder on. This action caused the whole Butler plantation to be filled with sorrow due to Emma’s departure.

On Emma’s journey to her new life on the Henfield plantation, her mind in in a million places while she is holding back the fear of starting over again without her loved ones and not knowing what to expect. Yet as scared and weak as she is she does not let it show, she remains emotionless. Emma feels that she has someone to console in when she realizes that Joe is taking the journey to the unknown land along with her.

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