Improve Crisis Management with a Crisis Helpline

Small problems occur is businesses every day, and in most situations, someone is on hand to resolve them. However, management is not always available to handle crisis situations, especially when they occur outside of normal operating hours, which is why a crisis helpline is an extremely beneficial resource for an organization. Quality assurance solutions like an employee assistance line can ensure that problems are documented and dealt with as soon as they occur, even if an issue develops in the middle of the night.

ServiceCheck is a leading customer experience management company, and it provides a variety of tools to businesses that enable them to keep consumer satisfaction high. QALink is ServiceCheck's crisis management program, and it ensures that staff are able to make a company aware of a problem and that it can be resolved as quickly as possible.

With QALink, an organization's employees are able to reach support representatives 24/7/365 via a live agent call center, the web and email. Once a problem has been reported, the issue is logged and appropriate company representatives are contacted so that resolution can begin immediately. Additionally, if the issue may have a widespread impact, information relating to the situation is passed along to any other departments or locations that may be effected. Throughout the process, details related to the problem are logged, ensuring resolution and enabling companies to review their crisis management processes.

Dealing with problems proactively has the benefit of both reducing liability to a company as well as preventing customers from having less than satisfactory experiences related to a problem. Being able to report a problem via QALink to an appropriate member of management when the issue arises ensures that crises are dealt with in a manner that is safe and effective.

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