Improve Retention By Increasing Contact Options

A major challenge that businesses face in terms of customer recovery is that companies are often not aware of the need for retention efforts. Gathering feedback from consumers, be it entertainment or retail customer feedback, is challenging for a number of reasons, one of the biggest being that the overwhelming majority of consumers won't report a problem when it occurs. Studies show that more than 90 percent of people won't complain about a poor product or service, making it difficult for organizations to be made aware of problems or make an effort to resolve them.

ServiceCheck, a leading customer experience management company, provides businesses the ability to collect, track and respond to retail customer and entertainment guest feedback. While these industries operate in very different manners, customer retention can be improved through similar methods used by CustomerLink, ServiceCheck's feedback and recovery program.

There are several reasons that CustomerLink is such an effective retention tool for businesses, including a variety of contact options and constant availability. While movie theaters may have several employees working at a time, most are focused on doing work specific tasks, not helping unhappy guests. CustomerLink provides multiple 24/7/365 customer service channels, including a live agent call center, and representatives can spend the time and effort needed to solve guest problems.

Retailers may lose customers if a product is defective or doesn't live up to expectations, but thanks to CustomerLink's always-on support options, customers are able to report their issues at their convenience. Many situations do not require a return or refund, so the CustomerLink program enables retailers to recover unhappy customers without requiring a return visit to a physical location. Since many consumers do not want to go out of their way to return to a physical location, this offers a viable alternative for problem resolution.

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