Improving Customer Recovery Effectively

Both grocery and fast casual restaurant businesses have a lot in common. They both operate on a very thin margin of profit, they have a lot of competition, and they face the same hurdles when it comes to customer retention and gathering feedback from consumers. Due to the competition and slim profit margins, it is essential that restaurants use effective fast casual guest feedback programs and that grocery customer feedback is collected, but doing so can present challenges for these types of businesses.

A big obstacle that fast casual restaurants face in maintaining customer loyalty is that guests do not report problems when they occur. In fact, studies show that only one out of every 27 customers will tell a business about an unsatisfactory experience, the other 26 will leave unhappy. Those people might not tell the business about their unsatisfactory experience but they will tell approximately 8-10 other people. Fast casual guest recovery is hampered when a business is not aware that a problem exists.

Grocery customer feedback lets companies know what areas the organization is successful in and where areas of opportunity lie. However, customers consistently do not provide this type of information to grocers.

SeriveCheck, a leading customer experience management company, offers a stellar customer recovery and feedback solution, CustomerLink, for businesses to take advantage of. CustomerLink enables businesses to provide their customers with a variety of contact options that are available to customers around-the-clock. Customers are more likely to reach out to a company when it is most convenient for them, so it is essential to be available to these customers 24/7.

Since higher contact rates generate more information for a company as well as greater retention opportunities, ServiceCheck offers a high return on investment. This is especially the case when comparing the expense of an outsourced solution to developing and running an in-house contact center. ServiceCheck also has the ability to customize this solution to cater to restaurants and grocery stores for collect the best fast casual and grocery feedback for their clients.

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