The average person lived and worked in a small group or unit. There were a dozen or so people in each unit. Each person in each unit had a job to do. If you did not do your work, and you  would be  punished or killed.Inca's ruled from 1200AD-1493AD

    The Incas had a social class which included jobs that the people had to do. some of the jobs the people had to do where farm,mine, fix roads,or build. If you didn't do your job you would get your hand and feet cut off or you would be killed. Children where given jobs around the age of five and where expected to do them.

Inca family's aren't like our family's. A Inca mother would leave her baby at home because the Incas believed that crying baby distracted you from your work.  It was a law that you had to leave you baby alone by itself while you went to work.

parents dug holes and left children in the holes while they where gone

Incas had to pay taxes (even back then people had to pay taxes)

the commoners could not travel on the roads

The Inca civilization was polytheistic. Which means that they believed in more than one god. For example there was a sun god and they offer meat and other things to there gods.


An incan civilization is ruled by a monarchy which is on leader. The leader kills the leader in charge before hand and dethrone him and makes him self the emperor.

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