Increased Response Time Equals Decreased Liability

Catastrophe comes in many different forms and can strike at any moment. For businesses that rely on a constant flow of customers, this can be an especially difficult concept to navigate. Disastrous events may be subject to a season of particularly rough weather, a poor customer service interaction, an industry downturn, or a general economic slump. When a crisis related to safety concerns or customer experiences is threatening an enterprise, ServiceCheck is here to help. Whether a business wants to create a long term quality assurance plan for managing customer relationships or needs an emergency preparedness plan in place, there are effective options available. Immediate action plans require essentially the same foundation as traditional quality control methods.

Setting Up Ground Zero

A 24/7/365 crisis hotline is one of the most important process improvement tools that a business can implement. Utilizing a quality assurance program like QALink from ServiceCheck ensures that customers have a reliable way to provide valuable feedback. In addition to gathering feedback about an unexpected event, customer experience, or other safety concern, professional representatives take ownership of the situation and report detailed information to the company for review and action. The crisis hotline satisfies the concerns of the customers or employees reporting the situation and streamlines the business process for retailers.

Spreading The Word

QALink associates take prompt action on all retail customer feedback to smooth the situation and quickly escalate serious situations to the appropriate parties. Whether a dissatisfied customer expresses concern about their experience or an unexpected event causes widespread closures or system outages, QALink representatives confidently address the situation. ServiceCheck utilizes a multi-channel program to quickly alert all retail locations regarding the crisis event. The mass communication approach to potential or actual situations effectively reduces cost and liability for the retail business and QALink provides real time documentation of the resolution.

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