Increasingly Calloused Society

by: Katie King

How can one(you/we) change a calloused society?

Calloused- Insensitive, indifferent, unsympathetic. ¨They have a calloused attitude toward the sufferings of others.¨ Insensitive to the needs of the ‘peasants’.¨ Without interest or concern for others, no feeling, or sympathy for others.

It compares with Fahrenheit 451 the most.

(1.) When Mildred talks about running over small animals without even caring. (2.) When Mildred doesn't even consider Montags feelings about Clarisse dying and saying that it was no big deal. (3.) When the firemen gather around making bets on the hound killing animals. (4.) When the city kills an innocent man because they couldn't find Montag.

¨There is an epidemic of rudeness in our society, I am not sure if we are going to be able to return to a kinder gentler society, but certainly it is going to be necessary if the quality of our lives are ever going to improve.¨ -unknown

"How can we change our rude society? Well, it may hurt to admit it, but the problem starts with adults. Kids are only mimicking what they see around them, and adults are worse than ever in their treatment of each other. It takes a bit of old-fashioned self control and a bit of a change in our way of thinking. Just because that guy cut you off one time in traffic doesn’t mean he’s a complete jerk all the time. Get upset at the behavior or the words instead of at the person. Use a simple rule- if you wouldn’t say it directly to someone’s face, don’t say it online. It’s a free country, and you have the right to your opinions. Just be polite when voicing them. Show the next generation what civility and common courtesy look like. If we are to change the trend of rude behavior in our society, we must each start with ourselves." - Ruth Meyer.

¨Nowadays when people choose to be rude – people do have a choice and can control how they conduct themselves around others – they pretty much go for broke(to risk everything in order to achieve the result you want). We aren't a society built on rudeness, we only notice the rude people out of the good people because we are used to seeing politeness and kindness that we pick out the rudeness."- Tanveer Naseer

Do you think our society is rude? How can we change that?

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