Sofia's Journey

By Indi Paisley 8R

Lydia, Maria and Sofia couldn't have shown any more courage with their decision to flee their village, some might think they did it in fear, in a way they did, but it also showed braveness, it takes strength to do such a thing.


Hapakatanda was a good bloke, and a pretty decent husband who died for his wife and children. How legendary is that? The story didn't go on about him much, but it was obvious that he was a good father and husband.


Lydia is a strong independent woman, that shows courage and strength hence her enduring so much pain and suffering. She journeyed from Vilanculos to Inhambane with her children, for days on end, after the bandits ransacked her village and murdered her husband, Hapakatanda. Despite all that she has lost, her home, her husband and her daughter she still goes on and doesn't dwell on the fact that she has lost so much.


Maria was an amazingly girl, who unmistakably inherited her mother's trait of being brave and courageous. It took courage to flee from her home and the dead body of her father, she didn't have time to mourn, for they had the long journey to Inhambane. She was a lovely sister to Sofia, they were so much alike and she made Sofia smile every day, as did Sofia to Maria.


Sofia was the main character and by far the bravest and most courageous. She was such a strong girl who lost her father, her home, her sister and her legs. But she still lived on. I admire how brave she is, if I lost my legs well yeah I would be pretty distraught. She is faced with many challenges and is severely mistreated, and after all the trauma, she ends up doing what she loves best, sewing on Totio's sewing machine, and best of all she has her own sewing shop, she knows that Maria would be proud of her, as her mother is of Sofia as well.

Dr. Raul

Dr.Raul was a lovely person, his actions and determination to help Sofia show that he is committed to his job, and going that extra mile for someone. Sofia owes him a great debt, for he practically saved her life. When she had no where to go Dr.Raul brought her into his own home and made sure she was clean and healthy, as did his wife Dolores.


It was very kind of Fatima to take Sofia under her wing and teach her how to sew on her sewing machine. Her kind personality is evident in the actions she makes.


Totio was a kind-hearted man who lived to see other people happy. He was a nice man and he showed that he believed in Sofia and he trusted her enough to hand over his beloved home and sewing machine. He let a child take over his business, merely because he knew it would make her happy, and feel mature that he was giving her responsibility.

Sofia's spiritual experience

Her spiritual adventure is the secrets in the fire, where she can see the deceased in the fire, she can see their spirits. They are still very much alive, just not in human form, and the spirits live in all of them. Perhaps she is guided the whole way through her journey, perhaps Maria and Hapakatanda were with her the entire time, they let her live on. Because she had talent and so much to live for.

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