How can you purchase reliable car insurance?

Car Insurance

Every person aspires with a dream to own its car one day. Whether small or big, Sedan or SUV, Swift or Jaguar everyone wishes to buy a car based on their preferences, budgets and needs. People do a whole lot of research before buying a car; compare rates, the luxuries, mileage, full efficiency etc. before investing the money in their favourite car. Only after being convinced that the car they want to buy meets all their requirements and budget they shell out the money from their pocket.

However, it is observed that surprisingly people turn ignorant when it comes to buying a suitable car insurance policy. Today, when buying car policy has become streamlined and easier, it is sad to observe people are still buying typical standard policies. As a result, they end up paying huge amount for minimum coverage.

People in India still think coverage is just an additional burden of expenses in their happy go lucky moments of life. Therefore, they end up buying some standard policies which might not be relevant for their car needs and ultimately lead to wrong insurance which could not be claimed.

Understand that car insurance is not a burden it’s an asset which helps you heal the tough days of your life when you suddenly meet a dreadful event. These events could be anything from accidents to stealing, nature’s fury to offensive damages to your car. Besides, the most important part is insurance takes care of third party damage payments which could not be afforded by you at times.

With multiple options available for car insurance in India, buying the right insurance policy is no less than a challenge now. Therefore, before purchasing a motor insurance, it is very important to do a significant amount of research. Nevertheless, even to carry out such a research you should know what things you need to look for. The article therefore guides you through things that need to consider while picking the best suitable insurance policy for your car:

Brand reputation

The market reputation of the insurance provider plays a vital role for smooth execution of your policy. It gives you an idea about how reliable the company is. Try checking out its market rank, talk to people about company performances and past track record to pick a reliable insurance source.


Take an insurance which you can afford upto and the one that fits your budget, for car insurance is a necessity not luxury. The perfect insurance policy is one that offers you things such as medical payments coverage, collision coverage - actual cash value, auto coverage, physical damage coverage and injury coverage depending upon your needs.

Policy document

Never sign any documents unless you’re sure of what you are being offered. Check out for hidden charges, policy structures, terms and conditions, policy description etc. There might be many clauses mentioned in the policy which can't be overlooked. In case you have doubt don’t hesitate clearing them else you’ll meet with unexpected problem later.

Network garages

The whole purpose of a car policy is protecting you from any financial contingency in case of any damage/loss of your vehicle. And getting cashless service is the best way to utilize your insurance. However, car insurance companies offer such services only if your vehicle was repaired in their network garage. Check for companies with maximum network garages available in their list and secondly near to your house.

A well planned insurance will not only protect you from financial deficits but also take care of any damage to your dream car. A good car insurance policy offers your vehicle risk coverage against unforeseen events like road mishaps, burglary and/or natural disasters.

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