Tips for the budding Indian fashion models

You’re a budding model, and want to make it big in the world of fashion and cinema.
You’ve done quite a number of assignments, but still not happy with the progress you’ve made so far. You still not close to that big break. Well, we’ll tell you how to bring your dreams to the threshold of reality.

First and foremost, spruce-up your portfolio.
You think you’ve got an awesome portfolio; show to your friends and see what they have to say about it.

Get online
Great, you’re on Facebook, and continuously put up your latest photos there. Things would have been better if you had created your profile on a fashion website. There are several websites out there, which let you upload your photos and connect with industry leading designers and other fashion professionals. Google for the websites that invite Indian fashion models to upload their profiles and photos. With Google, you’ll be able to get to know these websites within minutes. A typical search query could be like ‘Indian fashion models websites’ or ‘fashion photographers directory online’.

Avoid short-cuts at all costs
Almost every industry has some good people and some bad people. The bad people often come with this I-will-make-you-a-great-model offer. You better avoid these people.
Remember, there are no short-cuts in any industry; and if they are there, they will only ruin your career. There is no alternative to hard work and persistence. All big Indian female models worked day in and day out to reach where they are today.

Avoid giving your contact details to one and everyone
Don’t show to the world that you’re desperate for a role or an assignment. There are people that will be quick to take advantage of your frustration. And here is an advice for you: never give your contact details to whoever approaches you; and never go out to meet someone at odd hours and without having anybody with you.

Build a network
It’s good to build a network in the industry. You never know who turns out to help you when you need it the most.
Last, but not the last, becoming one of the top notch Indian fashion models isn’t an easy journey. You have to have faith in yourself even when all doors are shut on your face; even when nothing good seems to be happening in your life. You just have to hold on to the faith and move on.

Indian fashion models have taken the Indian fashion industry to the international fashion markets. If you too want to reach the top and become a top model, make sure you work towards your goal day in and day out. For more tips and Indian fashion designer directory, please read our other articles.