Independent Reading Project

Guitar Notes by Mary Amato

This symbol represents music. The main characters appreciate and have a passion for music. They both play strings music.

The relationship present between the two protagonists were cold at first. Then, their relationship improved as they continued communicating. They eventually became friends that wrote music together.

The girl protagonist Lyla Marks has a goal. Her goal is to play music in front of a crowd for her parents. She tries really hard to do her best.

The setting of this story takes place in a musical environment. the musical environment is at school. However, because this is a 3rd person point of view, it goes back and for between Lyla Marks' and Tripp Broody's (male protagonist) house.

Tripp Broody's mom took his guitar away as a punishment. As a result, Tripp calls his mom the termite queen. Tripp is bitter and hostile to his mom. The Author writes, " 'you do realize that you are a termite,' he says. 'You are eating through my soul' " (Amato 6).

Lyla Marks' mom died from a car accident. She played the Cello. All Lyla has left is her Father. The same tragedy occurred to Tripp's dad.

Over the course of the story, Tripp Broody and Lyla Marks sent letters to each other concerning music. They also send each other letters of the music room's position (current state).

Lyla Marks and her best friend Annie has determination. They have determination to reach perfection of music. They audition for the Kennedy Music Center. They are determined to achieve that goal.

As the book begins, Lyla Marks and her best friend Annie think that they are popular and perfect to everyone in the school. However, Tripp doesn't care to much for them at the time.

Lyla Marks has a good relationship with her dad. they get along very well. They both are into music and play stong music.

A characteristic of Lyla Marks is the fact she has all A's. She is a very smart person who works very hard with her best friend Annie.

Unlike Lyla Marks, Tripp Broody has a sense of humor.