Industrial Revoultion

  • The Industrial Revolution began in Britain from 1760 between 1820. It was a  key change in the way goods were produced, from human labor to machines.
  • The Industrial Revolution first started in Great Britain because Britain has more natural resources, expanding economy in Britain encourages investment, Britain has all needed factors of production (land, labor, and capital).
  • The Working Class saw little improvements in there working conditions. They were packed into small rooms called tenements, the tenements had no running water only community pumps. Working in the factories was terrible for the working class. Many suffered accidents from machines that had no safety devices. Every now and then they might loose a finger or even their lives. In textile mills workers constantly breathed air filled with lint which damaged their lungs.
  • Some movements and ideas of the Industrial Revolution included improving the workplace and extending the right to vote to working class men.
  • Ideas of the Industrial Revolution was Capitalism and Communism. Those ideas helped bring about the Industrial Revolution. Other ideas which included Child labor reform, urban reform, and chartist reform.
  • Some positive effects of the Industrial Revolution were increased world productivity, growth of railroads, new opportunities for women, rise of the middle class, and social structure become more flexible.
  • Negative Effects of the Industrial Revolution included child labor, miserable (dirty ,cramped) and dangerous working conditions. rigid schedules ruled each day, long working hours, and air pollution increased over industrial areas.