Columbus Irish Football | 2015 Indy Invitational

Sat, June 20 | World Sports Park, Indianapolis | Games Begin At 9am | We'll Play 3 Total Games

Road trip!!!

Our first travel competition of the 2015 season will take place in Indy, and it will be quite a show. Indy has invited a lot of clubs to take part in this invitational, and we will have 3 matches throughout the day on this Saturday.

A few other details: Professional quality fields. Beer and food trucks will be at the fields (you'll need cash). Indy is also putting on a big after party on Saturday night. Some players will be staying overnight in Indy, and some will be driving there and back on Saturday. We'll work on coordinate carpools for those interested.

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Doing sensory deprivation chamber on Sunday in Dayton. Y'all should check it out.

Jeffrey Bell a year ago

And Bell family

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Leaving at 4pm

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Wedding in Pittsburgh that weekend

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Indy's going to have a bad case of arachnophobia!