47 Inexplicably Strange Things We All Do

1. Continually check the fridge to see if any food has magically appeared.

2. Pull out your phone to check the time, only to realize you have to do it again because you forgot to look at the clock.

3. Have a full-on conversations with yourself.

4. Asking “what?” even though you heard what the person said.

5. Start reading the menu from the middle.

6. After making a typing mistake, you delete the entire sentence and start over, instead of simply using backspace.

7. Suddenly forgetting how to type because somebody is now watching you.

8. Immediately read an email right after you sent it, even though you already proofread it, like, 50 times.

9. Saying “yes” when someone asks you if you’ve seen/heard something, even though you haven’t.

10. Saying “OW!” when you’re not actually hurt, like when someone fake punches you or you accidentally hit something.

11. When driving, you pick out another car to be your travel companion.

12. When switching lanes in heavy traffic, you pick out a car and track it to see if you made the correct lane decision.

13. When driving, you refuse to turn your wipers on full-speed because you feel like the other drivers will judge you for it.

14. When showering, you cup your arms or hands to see how much water you can collect.

15. When writing “Wednesday,” you think of it as “Wed-nes-day.”

16. Also “February” is “Feb-ru-ary."

17. And “beautiful” is “b-e-a-utiful.”

18. When looking for an address or street sign, you turn down the music in the car.

19. Rehearse arguments/conversations in your head.

20. Having to reread what you just read because you weren’t paying attention to what you were reading.

21. Delay eating until you can find the perfect TV show to watch.

22. Pretend like dogs are mini horses and try to ride them.

23. Meow back at cats.

24. Occasionally check to see if you can move things with your mind.

25. Put your music on shuffle, only to skip all the songs until you find the one you want.

26. Construct the perfect comeback or joke, even though the moment has already passed.

27. Make up scenarios in your head that would never actually happen.

28. Think about where you would hide if somebody broke into your home.

29. Think about what you’d say in certain situations if you were a celebrity.

30. Come up with strategies on how to get away with the perfect crime.

31. Pretend like you’re in a music video when you have headphones on.

32. Use your fingers to figure out simple addition and subtraction problems that you could easily do in your head.

33. Count the steps when going up and down stairs.

34. Inspect chips to figure out which side you should put on your tongue.

35. Experience a mini panic attack when you drop the soap in the shower.

36. Just randomly start using an accent for no reason.

37. Admire a large poo you just took.

38. Check to see how long you can walk/drive with your eyes closed.

39. Close your bedroom door, even though you’re home alone.

40. Look into a store window, solely to see your own reflection.

41. Use the condensation from a glass to clean your hands.

42. When trying to figure out the order of a certain letter, you have to recite the whole alphabet.

43. When you walk down the street and suddenly remember something, you act out a gesture (look at your phone/watch), so other pedestrians can see that you forgot something and are not just turning around for no reason, like some sort of fool.

44. Try to fake out your own shadow.

45. Have a sudden thought about how an action would result in death, like swerving your car onto the sidewalk or stepping in front of a train.

46. Think about how people would react if you suddenly died during a tragic event.

47. And think about a scenario in which you would save everyone’s lives and become a hero.

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2 years ago

hahaaha this is awesome 😄

2 years ago

I have done most of these at least once😃

2 years ago

hahah really true 😀 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃 😃

2 years ago

ok i admit im all about 36 do it all the time why is all this stuff so true!!!

2 years ago

wtf you left out swordfighting with vaginas

2 years ago

unfortunately they're all true!

2 years ago

Lol I do that stuff all the time 😝😂

2 years ago

Ive done number 10 to much.

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6 months ago