Inflatable Wheelchair Cushion

Medic-Air Floating Air Wheelchair & Seat Cushion

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Inflatable Wheelchair Cushion - Compare to "Waffle Cushion" brand air cushion.

Product Details

The Medic-Air "Floating Air" Inflatable Wheelchair Cushion and Seat Cushion is a high-quality alternative to the "Waffle Cushion" brand of wheelchair/seat cushion, with the primary differences - at least those identified by our EGAN Medical focus group - ate the brand name, product color and price.

Whereas the Waffle Cushion inflatable and pre-inflated seat cushions are one of the most well-known, prestigious brands of air cushion (a type of wheelchair and/or seat cushion in which the cushion itself is inflated to the user's customized degree of optimal comfort, with the cushion itself resembling a waffle, with holes that help disperse air throughout the cushion every time the person seated on the cushion shifts position ever-so-slightly.

Air cushions with designs such as these are designed to bring relief to disabled individuals who must spend excessive amounts of time in a seated position, and thus due to their excessive sitting may be at risk for sores and other abrasions developing on or around the individual's derriere. Waffle-shaped air cushions are also indicated for use among individuals who suffer from hemorrhoids.

During December of 2013, EGAN Medical CEO Peter Egan, in an effort to make his maternal grandfather as comfortable as he could possibly be in his final months on earth, brought he and his wife two each of the Waffle Cushion brand air cushion and the Medic-Air Floating-Air Wheelchair and Seat Cushion to ensure his beloved relative received the absolute best medial equipment and supplies the market has to offer in an effort to ensure maximum comfort given the circumstances associated with a dying 85 year old man.

To Egan's surprise, both his grandfather and step-grandmother chose the Medic-Air brand wheelchair air cushion over the Waffle Cushion brand.

The primary differences between the two products are as follows:

  • The Waffle Cushion (pre-inflated) can cost as much as $60-$70 for the 19" model, and comes in a light brown color (almost similar in color to a waffle).
  • The Medic-Air (self-inflated) air cushion is black in color, and sells for only $19.96 at EGAN Medical Equipment & Supply, a retail medical equipment store which often offers the best available prices on its wide assortment of medical supply and maternity products.

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