Ways you can use Tackk with your existing social channels

  • Categorize your favorite Vines in a Tackk
  • Engage followers - start conversations on Tackk Stream
  • Give sneak previews of your new and upcoming Vines in a Tackk
  • Give Vine characters you create an identity

Vine star @brandonzingale introduces new vine characters in a Tackk:


  • Embed your videos and excite your followers with new YouTube episodes
  • Categorize your favorite videos in a Tackk
  • Gain more followers and exposure to your YouTube channel

Comedy duo @PureandWeary showcase their newest videos in a Tackk:


  • Increase click throughs to your channel by teasing blog posts
  • Compile and categorize your favorite blog posts
  • Collect feedback by connecting with new fans
  • Incorporate text, photos, videos and more

Fashion blogger @Shellystuckman uses Tackk to drive traffic to her blog:


  • Connect your Insta account
  • Create categorized photo albums
  • Activate your Insta fans & engage with them through Tackk Stream
  • Get more favorites on your photos!

User @ernesto lists his favorite pics from Sea World's Instagram account:

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