Rainbow Loom

UGG I HATE THIS, It’s too hard! Well rainbow loom is hard but I can help you! If you’re looking for help to make bracelets then this is the place to be!



Step 1, lay the bands across the pegged board in a zigzag all the way down like this /\/\/\/\. Step 2, turn the board so the arrows are faced towards you. Step 3, the first band placed should stay the same. So pick up the second band and loop it over the third band. Repeat the pattern across the whole board. Step 4, clip the last band with a clip and then clip the other end. Pull it off the board slowly. Now you have a honey comb!


Step one, turn you first band into an 8 and place it on two pegs. Then place 2 more over it. Next pull the bottom one over the top then place another band on top. Repeat the pattern. When it’s long enough, pull it off and clip it so it doesn’t fall apart. (Clip top and bottom.) Enjoy your fishtail!


Step 1, place rubber bands around the perimeter and ONLY the sides. Next take the rubber bands and place them one at a time and make a star shape like this ** and do it all the way across the board! Now you need to do the cap bands. Take a band and turn it into an 8. Place them in the center and the ends of the perimeter. This is the hard part. Take the star one by one and pull each band over its self and loop it around its self for each part of the star. Push your bands down so you can loop the perimeter. Now take the top band and loop it to the other side of it and loop across your whole board each side has to be looped! Last take your hook and a band and put the hook through the end and pull the band through it. Then put that band around the hook and pull the bracelets off the pegs slowly don’t break it! (To finish read extensions!)


Luckily, this is just like starburst but a little easier! Let’s get started! First, place your perimeter bands and then place them across the board in a ladder form. Second, put the rubber bands across like a honey comb but in a straight line down the middle. Now turn your band into an eight and place it on the last end. Turn the creation so that the arrows point towards you. Next loop the middle bands over each other than place the ladder steps over the new middle piece. To finish, loop your perimeter bands it will hold the steps in place so they don’t fall out! Last pull a band through the end (opposite side of the cap band) Pull it off slowly. Now you know how to make a ladder! (To finish read extensions.)


Step one, take 2 rubber bands and turn them into eights place them in an x form across each other and put two more over them. (Not an eight.) Pull the bottoms over one at a time for each band in the same order. You have to be patient while making this it takes a while but it’s worth it! When you make it long enough pull all the sides onto one peg and clip it fast! Make sure not to break it! Last clip the other end. Hint: Keep doing that and adding more sides to make a hexfish!


Step one; Lay down you bands straight across for each section. Then put triangles (To make triangles by laying bands in triangle form.) were you can fit them on the board so that the board is cover in triangles but don’t get the end! Step two; pull each section over each other just like a regular honeycomb. At the end were it cuts off pull each side over into the middle. Last pull your extension band through that end and pull it through the hook so you can pull the bracelet off. Remember to pull it off slowly. (To finish read extensions!)


Step one, lay out your perimeter bands on the sides and make sure the top and bottom meet each other. Here’s the part where it gets harder, Place bands in the center in a shape like this /I\ across the whole board. Then take your hook and loop the first middle piece over and loop the perimeter bands as you travel to the top. After that put your hook through the end and pull a rubber band through the end and pull it off slowly! (Extensions needed.)


If you have made a ladder, starburst or zippy chains (Or others.) You are not finished! This is very easy! Place 6 to 7 bands across the board in a line. Place your bracelet on the bored with those so you can add on to it. Loop the bands and clip it so it doesn't break! Now you can clip the other end. Good luck making! :3

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3 years ago

Nice! I suggest you write out easier instructions so it isn't too hard to understand. Not being a hater, just giving a helpful tip! :)