Last night @carberry_ps we were creating an adobe voice book of our fav #s. When my friend said the above. So sweet. Even his mom was surprised. Children never cease to amaze you. #listenclosely #WordSwagApp

Documenting the Learning Journey

Tools to Capture Learning through Inquiry

There are many tools we can use to help us document the learning through out our collaborative inquiries. Let's go through a few from the quick and easy to the more elaborate. From the individual moments to the learning journey.

A Snapshot in Time: Pic Collage

Pic Collage allows you to bring images and our observations, student voice together. Using clean backgrounds and playing with the layout, interesting documentation panels can be created.

Don't forget to check out Word Swag as well!

Telling our Story: Shadow Puppet

Shadow puppet lets you easily capture student voice in recordings and annotations on your images and video. Videos will save to your camera roll as well as online.

Telling our Story: Adobe Voice

Want something more polished? Check out Adobe Voice to compose your story and share it.

Also check out Book Creator to publish your learning journey.

Organizing your Notes

There are many apps we can use to organize our observations and notes. Here are just a few. Remember that we will all find different apps that work for us.

  • Notability: note taking app that allows for folders, hand writing, images and typed text.
  • One Note, available through the page, allows you to create folders and add images as well. One Note will sync with your Microsoft or Office 365 account allowing you to collaborate with colleagues.
  • Sesame HQ & Sesame Snap: a new way of documenting