Inspire Data to Promote Thinking


1.) Getting Started:  Intro Video- The 4C’s

Case Study-Students Who Track Data

Look at standards for CCSS and 21st Century Skill for Science

6th Grade

Develop understanding of statistical variability.



Summarize and describe distributions.



7th Grade

Use random sampling to draw inferences about a population.

Draw informal comparative inferences about two populations.


8th Grade

Investigate patterns of association in bivariate data.



2.) Take a Closer Look:

a. Take a look at how Inspire Data for PLC’s

b. Analyze the different plots and diagrams from survey results. (pp 4-12)

c. Learn how to create a series (pp 2-3)

d. Learn how to create a slide show (pp 13)

e. Learn how to create a survey (pp 14-16)

3.) Create and participate: Create an e-survey for everyone to take. Place the link in Tackk with the session ID

4.) Share: Surveys create and the findings during the session.

5.) Explore: Look at resources provided in Inspiration

6.) Discussion: Discuss options and decide which one would be effective in your classroom. (Tackk)

7). Review/Closure: Complete the PD Evaluation

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