Inspiriting is a place that supports new entrepreneurs who have no technical skills of any kind

I am about to find out how to best tailor my services to my clients.

Do you have a great business idea?

Do you have a long-fostered dream that cries for realization?

Are you willing to take action now?

I want to talk to you then!

I want to help people with an extraordinary business idea

I want to hear about your needs for your project.

I want to hear what you see as your biggest stumbling blocks.

I want to hear about your expectations.

What you get in return ...

I am a tech-savvy developer and designer, who has worked 10+ years in business consultancies, participating and leading software projects with many clients in all kinds of businesses.

Getting technological infrastructure in place is easy for me.

But I realized it is not easy for everyone.

Here's the deal:

I want to have a talk with you (i.e., on Skype) for 15-30 minutes.

For the same amount of time, I offer you my

feedback on your next highest step(s)

on how to accelerate your business idea.

Does that sound interesting to you?

I am a German native speaker - so conversations can be in English and German.

Please get in touch !

Please allow up to 48 hrs. response time

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