Think About Intention - The Framework

'Intention' is the word that best describes our outcome and purpose as humans. In business having shared intentions is at the very core of effective and efficient working.

The Intention Framework contains 5 Modules. The following order explains the sequence within which we start to understand the context, the current reality

The 5 Modules In Detail

Scroll or click through each of the modules below to get a sense of the structured logic. Think of them as interconnected conversations between the team - with no outcome or bias in mind. There are many supplementary elements to this but this framework gets us to consider the baseline and from there we can build.

    1. The Dynamics & Influences - What is going on in the world we inhabit today?
    2. The Required Capabilities - Our shared view of what capabilities may be required to achieve our outcomes?
    3. The Conditions For Change - What are the major considerations and conditions for the change we seek?
    4. The Talent & Commitment To Excel - What skills and talent do we expect we will need?
    5. The Strategic Intentions We Have Set - What are the Things We Really Want To Achieve?