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Workshop: Teaching with Interactive Whiteboards (15/07/2014)

We have had a very sucessful workshop on the use of the Interactive Whiteboards for teaching. This workshop was run by Susan Ferguson and Johanna Westwood from Information Services at Aberystwyth University.

We were 14 enthusiastic participants, eager to use IT in our teaching.

These are some comments by the participants:

We learnt:

  • “how to use whiteboard … will be useful for various activities”
  • “a lot …many ideas to develop. 1. How to start a program. 2. Importing PPt”
  • “a lot. Flipchart and powerpoint to my ?"
  • “what we can impart resources to classrooms effectively”
  • “Yes. Problem – teach in venues without these facilities but good to know how.”

We will take some action on:

  • “will start using the system in class”
  • “more workshop happen”
  • “Audacity. More of Promethean (was very helpful, but not enough for me to take all) "
  • “expand teaching resources”

Audio Feedback about the workshop:

We hope that this will be the first of many to come.

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