4 simple tips to responsible drinking

If you drink alcohol, then you must know about responsible drinking and how to stay within your alcohol tolerance level. Drink beyond your limits, and you may end-up picking fights with friends, family, and even strangers when you’re drinking at the bar or some other places where people drink.

Responsible drinking is about drinking with sense. Here are 4 simple tips to ensure that you enjoy your drinking and not let it take over your senses:

1. Never drink on empty stomach

The top liquor brands in India often start their awareness programs with this tip. You feel the effects of alcohol a lot faster when you have not eaten before drinking. Smart drinkers, therefore, eat at least one thing or another before gulping down their favourite drinks.

If you’re at home and have time, indulge in a hearty food rich in carbs and protein. Else, eat whatever you could find in the fridge or at the bar.

2. Avoid peer pressure
International alcohol brands warn against drinking under peer pressure as you often end-up drinking way more than you can handle, just to match up their speed.

We drink to enjoy and have fun, and not to show off, right? You should not listen to those who force you to drink more or engage in some stupid drinking games.

Drink at your pace, and have someone around whom you can trust for taking you back home.

3. Stay hydrated
Alcohol dehydrates your body, and makes you feel sick. The solution lies in taking soda and water at regular intervals in between your drinks.

This will help you stay hydrated and consume less alcohol.

4. Never drive drunk
Take your driver with you whenever you’re going out to drink at the bar or at a friend’s place. If you’re alone, avoid driving even if you feel you’re ‘fine’; your BAC may indicate otherwise.

Avoid taking lift from a friend who’s too drink or a stranger. Call for a cab or someone you can trust to pick you up for home. Never get into the car of a stranger just because it feels easy and quick. Always wait for the person/help that you can trust.

The International Alcohol Brands in India spend significantly in educating their consumers about responsible drinking. Many even conduct ‘responsible drinking programs’ in offices so that more and more alcohol drinkers could be educated. These programs have proved their worth, and many more such programs are in the pipeline.

In the end, it is our own responsibility to drink sensibly and stay safe.

The top liquor brands in India educate people about responsible drinking. The aim is to help them enjoy their drinks and keep them safe and sound. For more tips on responsible drinking, please read our other articles.

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