Looking for the information of world’s best international vodka brands?

International Vodka Brands, Premium Vodka Brand

When it comes to celebrate the moment, most youngsters today prefer consuming liquor to add grace to the event. Do you know United States alone witnessed the birth of more than 200 vodka brands over the past 5 years? So you can easily imagine the total number of international vodka brands all across the world. For people, who want to stock up the premium vodka brand, it is very much important to understand which ones are genuine and which ones are ordinary.

First discovered some 600 years ago in Russia or Poland, Vodka is a clear and flavor less spirit. Its name originates from the Slavic word Voda which means water. Traditionally, vodka could only be distilled from potatoes but today various brands use grains, beets, rye and when during its distillation. It is also the most widely consumed spirits around the world and acts as the most sought after base for most cocktails.

When it comes to count the list of all international vodka brands, there is no limit as there are hundreds of vodka producers across the world and every year many new names emerge in the market. Some of the most popular names are given below for your information.

Absolut Vodka
Comes in nearly every tavern, Absolut originates from Sweden and a premium vodka brand among people. It is widely found in almost every part of the world and available in a variety of flavors. You won’t find a good list of famous vodka brands without mentioning this one. It is also the most sought after base for most cocktails.

Belvedere Vodka
Belvedere is known to produce one of the world's first super-premium vodkas, and it comes from the Polish town of Żyrardów. Fine Polish vodka, Belvedere is world-known for its great taste and its beautiful frosted bottle.

Smirnoff Vodka
Besides one of the most selling vodka brands, Smirnoff is also known as "Common Man's Vodka". It is popular among restaurant and homes alike due to its reasonable price. Although, its taste and smoothness can't be compared to premium vodkas, Smirnoff has a taste of its own and is a preferred choice in making vodka based cocktails.

2NITE Vodka
It is four times San Francisco World Spirits Competition Gold Medal winner, and 2NITE Vodka hails from the land of Leonardo da Vinci. It is also one of the few 100% organic vodkas to restrict the usage of caffeine and glycerin and claim to be “No-Hangover" vodka.

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