Interview Workshop


By the end of this lesson, you will be able to IDENTIFY potential and common questions asked during an interview. Additionally, you will be able to APPLY specific practice to prepare for an interview.

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Additional Questions to Consider:

1. Tell me/us about yourself

A: Nothing personal. They don't care where you were born. Do this instead:

Begin by talking about past experiences and proven success:

"I have been in the customer service industry for the past five years. My most recent experience has been handling incoming calls in the high tech industry. One reason I particularly enjoy this business, and the challenges that go along with it, is the opportunity to connect with people. In my last job, I formed some significant customer relationships resulting in a 30 percent increase in sales in a matter of months."

Next, mention your strengths and abilities:

"My real strength is my attention to detail. I pride myself on my reputation for following through and meeting deadlines. When I commit to doing something, I make sure it gets done, and on time."

Conclude with a statement about your current situation:

"What I am looking for now is a company that values customer relations, where I can join a strong team and have a positive impact on customer retention and sales."


2. Describe your ideal career/Where do you see yourself in 5/10 years

A. This is the one time you can be general. Show interest and ENTHUSIASM in a long-term career:

“My goal right now is to find a position at a company where I can grow and take on new challenges over time. Ultimately, I’d like to assume more management responsibilities and get involved in product strategy. But most importantly, I want to work for an organization where I can build a career.”


3. Why do you want to work here/Why should we hire you?

A. This is your chance to shine. Be precise - keep it to 3 or 4 points. That's it.

“Honestly, I almost feel like the job description was written with me in mind. I have the 6 years of programming experience you’re looking for, a track record of successful projects, and proven expertise in agile development processes.

At the same time, I have developed my communication skills from working directly with senior managers, which means I am well prepared to work on high-profile, cross-department projects. I have the experience to start contributing from day one and I am truly excited about the prospect of getting started.”


4. How do you handle pressure/Tell us about a time when you had to work with an unhappy customer (STAR Question)

STAR Method





  • Situation: "A customer rang up complaining that they'd waited more than two weeks for a reply from our sales team regarding a product query."
  • Task: "I needed to address the client's immediate query and find out what went wrong in the normal process."
  • Activity: "I apologised, got the details and passed them to our head salesperson, who contacted the client within the hour. I investigated why the query hadn't been answered. I discovered that it was a combination of a wrong mobile number and a generic email address that wasn't being checked. I let the client know and we offered a goodwill discount on her next order."
  • Result: "The client not only continued to order from us but posted a positive customer service tweet."