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in Ireland, crafted with care, tailored for you.


Thank you for your interest in the Stint Ireland program. We have put together this information packet as a source of information about what we do. We hope it will provide answers for most of your questions about our program.

Why Stint?

  • We provide a completely tailored service, working with each applicant to find the best internship opportunity in Dublin to suit their profile.
  • We boast an impressive range of internship opportunities across a multitude of different industries, and we are constantly adding to our extensive array of contacts.
  • The Stint experience extends past the placement. We take care of everything from housing and visa arrangements to planning socials and excursions. We are always available for support.

The Chat

The purpose of the initial call is for us to get to know the applicant and gauge their interests. Afterwards, we compile a unique profile, with their application, CV, cover letter, and two reference letters, to share with potential placements.

The process is a dialogue between us and the applicant and we make sure to share our ideas and any placement options with the applicant for their feedback. If the applicant is interested, we establish a channel of communication between the two parties.

We are in touch with over 1000 different organizations in business, marketing, communications, healthcare, social work, human rights, environment, education, design, film, events, hospitality, research, development, and many more fields. With such a wide network, the perfect match is out there!

This part of the process is completely risk free as the deposit is 100% refundable if the applicant is unhappy with the placement.

Visas & Insurance

Once placed, we guide the applicant through the visa process and provide all the supporting paperwork. We arrange fully comprehensive premium and travel insurance through our partner, StuCard.


We offer a range of housing options to suit the applicant's budget, preferences, and internship location. The applicant may choose to live:

  • with a host family
  • in a shared city centre apartment with a fellow program participant
  • in a shared house with fellow program participants


When the program participant arrives:

  • we will arrange transport to the accommodation from the airport.
  • we will schedule a welcome orientation to cover information about housing, the local area, practical tips, and safety advice.

The orientation packet includes:

  • a local pay-as-you-go smart phone preloaded with credit, useful numbers, and apps; an emergency contact card with emergency numbers; a map of Dublin; a Dublin tour voucher; and a welcome gift.

The Stint Community

Here at Stint, our mission is to create and foster a vibrant community that our program participants can be proud to be a part of. We believe the social aspect of their experience is just as important. With this in mind, we:

  • arrange regular social events in Dublin for our Stint Ireland participants to get to know each other. This may be a music night, dinner, comedy, theatre, city tour, or just some casual pints at the pub.
  • arrange regular trips around Ireland. These might be in the form of a day trip to the Wicklow mountains, a weekend trip to the Aran Islands, or a walk along the magnificent Cliffs of Moher.
  • have a Facebook group where the participants may get to know each other and plan their own events independent of Stint.
  • are constantly negotiating discounts with local restaurants, cafes, tour providers, and hostels.

Our blog, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are great places to network with others on the program, enter competitions, and hear about what is happening in Dublin and Ireland.

Career Development

We don't just drop our program participants in the ocean and assume they can swim well on their own. During their time in Ireland, we will:

  • meet the program participant for a midway 1:1 session to get feedback on their internship and experience.
  • provide career development workshops covering networking, CV writing, and interview technique.
  • keep up to date with seminars and events relevant to the participant's field, and introduce them to relevant industry professionals.
  • have an exit interview to help the participant communicate their international experience on their CV and for future interviews and applications.
  • provide a written reference letter from Stint Ireland.


The program fee of €2,000 includes:

  • Tailored internship placement
  • Airport transfer from Dublin airport to Dublin Accommodation
  • Housing placement (not rent)
  • Local pay-as-you-go smart phone
  • Visa advice
  • Welcome orientation
  • Arrival pack
  • Transport guidance
  • Regular social events & excursions
  • Local discounts
  • Career guidance & mentoring
  • 24 hr emergency support

Thanks for your interest!

Dublin is a fantastic city, full of opportunities, and we love sharing the experience with others. We hope to hear from you!

The Stint Ireland Team

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