Introduction to 5th Grade

Here you are going to about procedures and expectations of 5th grade

Some things we are going to go over are...

  • Class Schedule
  • 5th grade Expectations
  • Planners/ Conduct Board/ Friday Folder/ study Hall
  • Rules of our room/ room tour
  • Procedures
  • Block and Job Descriptions
  • Class Schedule

    8:00-8:10 Morning Arrival

    8:10-8:15 Announcements

    8:15-8:20 SWITCH to Mrs. Wright

    8:20-9:50 Math

    9:50-10:40 Science

    10:40-11:25 BLOCK

    11:25-11:40 continue Science

    11:40 SWITCH

    11:40-12:18 Writer's Workshop

    12:20-12:50 LUNCH

    12:50-1:15 continue Writer’s Workshop

    1:15-2:15 Reader's Workshop

    2:15-2:45 Social Studies

    2:45-3:00 Recess

    3:05 Dismissal

    Block Schedule

    Day 1- PE

    Day 2- Music

    Day 3- Art

    Day 4- PE

    Day 5- PE

    Day 6- PE

    Room Rules/ Room Tour

    ž1. Where does my back pack go?

    ž2. Where does my lunch kit go?

    ž3. What do I need?

    • žNotebooks
    • žPlanner, homework folder, work in progress folder, pencil bag, book

    ž4. Where do all my papers go?

    ž5. Am I allowed to speak whenever I wish?

    ž6. What do I do during our quick homeroom?


    ž8. Where do my extra supplies go?

    ž9. What if I’m absent?

    Classroom Jobs

    Class Captain- Carries clipboard and red bag; carries conduct clipboard to Mrs. Wright’s class; line leader

    Teacher Assistant- Passes out papers; runs errands for teacher

    Custodian- Gathers trash and places it in the dumpster on B days

    Technology- Turns off all student computers and monitors

    Librarian- Makes sure classroom library is kept in order; puts away books; takes library books to library

    Gardener- Waters the plant on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday

    Mailman- Places student mail in mailbox slots

    Attendance Chart- Resets attendance chart at the end of the day; reminds students to move their attendance card

    Block- Changes block card each morning

    Disinfector- Dispenses hand sanitizer to the class

    Wiper- Wipes down cafeteria table(s) after lunch

    Sweeper- Sweeps around cafeteria table(s) after lunch

    Café Alternate- Alternate for Wiper/Sweeper if someone is absent

    Girls Backpacks- Passes out the girls backpacks at the end of the day

    Boys Backpacks- Passes out the boys backpacks at the end of the day

    Chaos vs Order

    What happens when there are no rules?

    žWhen the United States began to grow, and towns were being built up around mines and refineries, workers simply lived together in one area.

    žThey formed towns…

    žBut, they had no rules.

    Discuss the following in your group:

    žWhat do you imagine the towns were like without rules?

    žHow do you think people felt living in this situation?

    Life without Rules:

    • žStealing
    • žFighting
    • Killing
    • Vandalism
    • Fear

    žWhat do we call a situation like this?


    žIn your group, list some words that describe a classroom in chaos.


    žShare your list.


    žWhat is the opposite of chaos?


    žIn your group, list some words that describe a classroom with order.

    žShare your list.


    žWhat is needed in order to establish order?



    Let's discuss rules…

    • žWhy are rules important?
    • žWho should establish the rules?
    • žWhat rules do we need in order to maintain order in our classroom?

    Rules? Yeah, right!

    Rules are rules.

    They can easily be broken, often with the response of, “So what?!”

    Rules must be enforced. But how?

    How can we make sure the rules are followed?



  • A consequence can be good or bad.
  • You get what you earn.
  • There are good consequences for good deeds and behavior.
  • There are bad consequences for bad deeds and behavior.

  • Let's talk about 5th grade consequences.

    Conduct marks

    žConduct marks will result in loss of recess time.


    Behavior Chart

    If you receive a conduct mark, your planner must be signed by a PARENT.


    žYour conduct will go on your 9 weeks report card.


  • Class Dojo
  • Cafeteria Points
  • Personal Satisfaction
  • Our Rules & Procedures

    Arrival to Homeroom

    BE ON TIME! 8:10 is late!

    Enter the classroom quietly, remove hats… no gum, no breakfast.

    Unpack your backpack and lunch kit and drop off in the appropriate place.

    Immediately and independently begin to copy your daily planner COMPLETELY. Your planner will be checked by a teacher when you switch classes!

    If you have not written your assignments in your planner, you will receive a conduct mark and write them during recess time.

    You must BE READY to switch after announcements.

    Expectations to start the day

    žYou must have  sharpened pencils for the day.

    žThis must be done in homeroom. žThere will be NO MORE sharpening with the electric sharpener in here or Mrs. Wright’s room.

    • Your hand-held pencil sharpener will come in handy here!

    žNow is a good time to use the restroom.

    žžAll materials will travel with you. You will not be allowed to return to get something “forgotten.” You will get one chance and then it will be a conduct mark.

    During Class Expectations

    žShow respect for the teacher and your classmates by being attentive. There will be consequences for talking.

    žRaise your hand when you have a question or information to share.

    žUse active listening while others are speaking.

    žAll materials must be out and ready when you get to your seat.

    Class? Yes!

    Classroom Rules

    Rule 1: Follow directions quickly

    Rule 2: Raise your hand for permission to speak

    Rule 3: Raise your hand for permission to leave your seat

    Rule 4: Make smart choices

    Rule 5: Make your dear teacher happy


  • You must sign the Mobility Sheet each time you leave.
  • You will put the pass on your desk and quietly go out.
  • There will ONLY be one girl and ONE boy out a time.
  • 1 time in Ms. Dawson’s class and 1 time in Mrs. Wright’s class.

  • Lining Up to Leave

    žWe will dismiss the room as a table.

    žYour table will be dismissed when THE WHOLE TABLE is clean, organized, picked up and seated quietly.

    žYou will face forward, holding your bucket and wait silently. Talking in line = CONDUCT MARK

    Do not lean up against the wall or white board.


  • You will have assigned seating for lunch.
  • You will follow all cafeteria expectation.
  • Cafeteria behavior can result in a conduct mark.
  • Other Items

    Turn in Bins

    Hallway Procedures

    • face forward, no talking/ touching, STOP at every intersection or exit sign or corner and wait

    Recess Procedures

    • line up IMMEDIATELY. If we move and you are not in line… loss of recess next day.


    Classroom Library

    Checkout Procedures

    1. Only 1 book may be checked out at a time.
    2. Find your library card in the correct card pocket. Write the title of the book (ex: NOT Harry Potter, but The Sorcerer’s Stone) and date checked out neatly on the card and give it to Ms. Dawson.
    3. When you are finished reading, the book MUST be checked in with Ms. Dawson before returning it to the “Returned Classroom Library Books” and your library card to the correct pocket. If you fail to check in a book properly, you will be expected to replace the missing book.
    4. Books that are lost, damaged, or improperly checked in must be replaced with a new book by the responsible student.
    5. If you fail to properly return a book and someone else looses it – YOU will be responsible for replacing the book.
    6. Do NOT check books in or to any teacher other than Ms. Dawson. This includes substitutes.
    7. Only Ms. Dawson is permitted to sign in the teacher’s initials column. Students are not permitted to ever sign the teacher’s name on the library card.

    Our 5th Grade Moto


                            Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

                                                                                      I can be







                                                                       and ON TASK

                                                                            EVERY DAY!

                                                                          I have Integrity!