Invent a Product

Subject: Technology      Grade: 3-5, 6-8

Description: Students will use their creative thinking skills to create a household product that is sellable via Tackk. Have students answering questions like:

1- Why was this product created?

2- What can a user do with this product?

3- Who should use this product?

4- What are the benefits of using this product?

Note: A sale will not actually occur. Have students include a fake email address (e.g. in the money widget so that a transaction cannot be made.

Recommended Tag: #Invent-a-Product

Example Mock Sale

Super Toaster

The super toaster was created to be more efficient with toasting bread and waffles. Too much time is being spent waiting around for the exact right amount of toast.

The super toaster cooks toast in less than five seconds (or your money back) and is a must-have product for the kitchen. With the minutes you save using the super toaster, you can play with your friends, watch movies, spend time with family and more. Convenient, easy to use and affordable.