The Sewing Machine Invention.

Invented by : Elias Howe.

The first sewing machine was invented in 1845.

Elias Howe lost his factory job in 1837. Elias then moved from Spencer to Boston and got a job as a mechanic. once he got the job as a mechanic, he then thought of the invention of the sewing machine. After about 8 years, Elias Howe finally made a successful sewing machine.

The sewing machine solved the problem of making it easier to make clothing, and being able to sew any cloth or fabric needed together easily.

The sewing machine is still used today to make the clothing we wear. It made life easier then by making clothing needed fast and quickly. Now, factories and clothing stores use the sewing machine to make the cute clothing we buy from stores.

The only problems Elias Howe had at first was people copying his invention and trying to enlist interest in his machine. now, the only problem with the sewing machine is there is newer and upgraded machines that can sew and make clothing as well.

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