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Agamemnon called 'king of king' and 'plunderer of city'. By he control the city, the city became rich and citizen lived good too. He fought for Troy war then after he came back to his city, he assassinated by someone.

Perseus found Mycenae
Perseus was so thirsty and he saw water from mushroom so he drank that water.  Then he was so happy because the water was so delicious and he named that place that he drank water, Mycenae. Then he became the first king of Mycenae.
Actually, He is not a god but we think he is our hero and guardian of our city.

Mycenaean Government

Each city of the Mycenaean period was independent under its own king. Our government was represented by a central royal authority extending from a palace center, unlike more democratic governments which would emerge later in Greek culture.

What is Mycenae known for?

We are good traders and merchants. Mycenae doesn't have good soils and lands to farm foods. So we needed to trade things to eat foods. Even though we were good traders, our military, the warriors were strong. King Agamemnon trained warriors well and they fought strongly in the war.

  • Mycenae is known as a militaristic society because our warriors are well prepared for battles.
  • Mycenaeans were amazing builders and weapon makers.
  • Mycenaeans were known for using the Cyclopean stonework style, which is building on top of the hills.
  • Mycenaeans had two different classes. One class was ruling class and another class was common people class.
  • Mycenaeans invented a writing script, which is known as linear B.
  • Mycenae was a powerful country between 1600BC to 1100BC.

Where do Mycenaeans live?

They built their palaces on hilltops. By building on hilltops, they caught what rainwater they could. They learned from experience that if they drink dirty water, they get sick or die. A source of clean water was very important to them, as it is to all people, everywhere.They built their houses and palaces on hilltops, but they also prayed to their gods to make their water safe to drink.


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