Henry Hudson

By:Andrea Liu 4-407

Henry Hudson Famous Discovery

   Henry Hudson discovered and mapped a few things and he named them after him. One of his famaus discovery is the Hudson River. Another one of Henry Hudson famaus discovery is the Hudson Strait and the Hudson Bay. The things that Henry Hudson had discovered are still famous now.

Henry Hudson Sailing Time and Route

   Henry Hudson had sailed since 1610 and he sailed to go to Asia. And his route was the water route and it was called the Northwest Passege, and Henry Hudson try to use it to go to Asia. But he, Henry Hudson did not make it there, instead he went to North America. When he was there he had discovered a few things.

About Henry Huson

Henry Hudson had a wife named Katherine. He had 2 sons named John and Robert Juet, and Henry  Hudson brought them to the trip with him. In Henry Hudson career, he had made 4 journeys. Henry Hudson had a talent and it was navigation. He had a ship called or named the Half Moon.                       

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