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A Quick Start Guide to iPad for Elementary

It has been almost 5 years since I have been blogging about iPads and iPad Lessons and Resources. Many times those of us that have been immersed in this realm forget that everyone needs to start somewhere... So rather than share EVERYTHING I know about iPads... I decided to focus on a high dose of potent purposefulness packed with just enough resources and ingredients to get you going...

Before you dive in... this article might help,

"How to Integrate Tech W/Out Losing Your Mind"

Two Apps

In primary, I like to start with FREE user-friendly apps (that do not require accounts/logins) that can be used over and over again and allow students to add audio and video as well as archive their own hand-written work... so we begin our iPad dose with Shadow Puppet EDU and Toontastic.

Shadow Puppet EDU: What I like...

  • easy to use and navigate
  • offers a suite of creative commons images
  • automatically cites images at end of video
  • offers text, audio, movie, and annotation capability
  • provides multiple avenues to share (e.g. link and video to camera roll)
  • offers lesson plans and templates on their site

Shadow Puppet EDU Examples

All About Me video created in Sonic Pics (similar application): see lesson suggestions.

Toontastic: What I Like...

Toontastic: Things to Consider...

  • Model Whole Group: This particular app can be a lot as it has so many parts and options. A way to alleviate some of this could be to model the app in a whole group setting with students prior to using in individualized instruction.
  • FREE Center Time: When tools offer lots of options, sometimes it is better to allow students to use it in a FREE Center Time first to get the "I am going to add 6 characters and 4 different backgrounds" to my story out of the way so they can use it instructionally the next time they are asked to utilize the tool within a project.
  • Guided Small Group Projects: If you still feel like the tool is overwhelming or difficult for wee hands to navigate, consider working with students in guided small groups and creating one project where each student chooses a character and voices that character within a greater story.

Toontastic Example

Toontastic App-Smashed Benjamin Franklin Biography: see lesson suggestions.

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