Using iPads in classroom

Can I control my laptop from my iPad?

Yes, you can! A cool software that helps you do it is Teamviewer for iPad. You need to have the app installed on the iPad AND the program downloaded (free) and installed on your laptop.
By running the teamviewer program on your laptop you are provided with an ID number and a password, which you enter on your Teamviewer iPad app in order to connect using wi-fi .
This way you can walk around your classroom while students are working on the smart board and still control the class and remotely use the computer as well as managing the way your students work.

It's quite cool that the screen resolution on the iPad is better than the one on the laptop...You may even reach your laptop through your ipad no matter where these two devices are in the building.

How do I print from my iPad?
Our school printer brand is RICOH. Download the app. You'll need the printer IP for this (IP is a number that describes the address of the specific printer).

With this you can print both sides, color or black, staple, punch and use any size of paper and tray. (It doesn't bring the printed paper to your classroom though ...yet).

How do I block the annoying (and potentially risky in class) YouTube advertisements that pop up before and during a video?
For mobile devices it's a bit tricky but there is the option of using Weblock. But if we show a video in class we usually use the laptop where things are easier: There is a free extension for Google Chrome called adBlock. This is how you can install it:
[ Open a new tab in Chrome, click the "Apps" colorful dots icon on the left side of the bookmarks bar and click "Store". Type "adblock" in the search engine field and the fourth option with the green stripe labeled "most popular" is what you want.
Click on it and then on the button up on the right: "add to Chrome". Refresh the browser with F5 (or the blue "Fn"+"F5" buttons on our school laptops) and ads are gone bye bye from youtube or any other website ].
You have to be signed into Chrome with your Gmail (or account in order to install extensions. (Click on the three horizontal lines button up on the right side and select "sign in to Chrome").

Too noisy in the (younger students) classroom?

Apart from classroom dojo you may try Too Noisy Lite which is free, or Silent Light (3 dollars).These two, measure the levels of noise in the class (you can set the level of the decibel meter) and give a visual warning to students. Silent Light gives them points every set amount of minutes so the students can have something to be happy about.

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