iPads in Special Education

Even though you're in a class about a Device
we try to make it NOT about the Device.

creativity, collaboration, publication, accessibility, organization, fun

Let's use a Google Form to solicit responses and get a greater sense of what we need.

(This uses Google Forms which will then be analyzed in

Google Sheets. More on this later!)

let's remember why we are here:

At its core, the iPad is a creation tool

a tool for self expression

Accessibility on the IPad

You need to make a quick creative project that you can share with your students.

Pick a skill or two that you think is important for your students. How can you use the iPad to tell students about this skill?

Now - pick at least two apps to create this "product". This is called "app smashing"!

A few favorite Apps: Haiku Deck, ThingLink, Notability, Adobe Voice, Explain Everything

Please leave a comment in the space below and share something you've learned!

Thank you!


Kaolin McEvoy   |   LHS ITS   |   kmcevoy@lexingtonma.org

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