Learning  about  informational  Text


  Non-Fiction is stories with real information, facts and graphs. It also has photographs and captions. We read Non Fiction for information entertainment and projects,or research.

Features  found  in Exploring  Asia

  • Photographs (all) Real pictures
  • Captions (all) Little sentences or phargraphes describing a picture or photo.
  • Diagrams (none)
  • Table of contents ( pg 3) List of sections in a book.
  • Index ( pg 32) Tells you a topic and what page it is on.
  • Headings (all) a bold statement.
  • Subheadings (all)
  • Glossary ( pg 32) A page with difficult words and their definitions.
  • Labels (all) A headline that go with diagrams
  • Diagrams (some)
  • Graphs ( pg 18,16,20,21,22)
  • Charts ( no)

Reading  Exploring  Asia Was  Awsome!!

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