Our Trip To Dublin in March 2015.

Quel voyage!

Le voyage des secondes euros du Lycée Fénelon du 26 mars 2015 au 1er Avril 2015.

Les élèves s'en serviront aussi comme blog de voyage pour raconter et partager ce qu'ils ont vécu en postant textes, photos, vidéos, dessins...

On y jouera samedi après-midi prochain. Espérons que les cieux seront cléments.

Du Football Gaélique, un mix entre le football et le basket-ball.

Vivent les sports Gaéliques.

Voici la liste encore soumise à changement jusqu'au jour de l'arrivée. Voici la dernière version qui tient compte des remarques des élèves. Les élèves en gras sont ceux de seconde 5/6 euro.

Avant d'aller au musée d'Archéologie, on peut en apprendre plus sur les Vikings. Bonne écoute.

A écouter en particulier, " Le reliquaire du Bras de Saint"

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Zoé Coche 2nd6

My trip to Ireland

Thursday 26 March 11 :30 :
Enora's father drives us to the meeting point «Champs de Mars» . I 'm very excited to discover Ireland , with my friends and my teacher . Now I'm in the bus I'm next to Amelie and I'm in front of Enora and Leanne .
12h52 : It's time to have lunch !! We are lots of classes of seconde and I don't know everyone yet . I eat with Leanne ,Enora , Violette , Simon , Intissar , Susan and unfortunately with Jeanne Laporte … After that, I change my seat in the bus and now I'm next to Amale . She makes me discover new singers , it's very cool .
21h30 : Actually I'm in the boat in my bedroom with Leanne , Enora and Violette . We have a small room without windows . After we have dinner , it's very good . And then we have a surprise !!! A party on the boat !! It's really funny !!
0:14 : I'm in my room with Violette and Leanne and we sing 'Happy day' , Enora is in the shower .
1:07: everyone sleeps .
Friday 27 March:
9:06: I wake up , Enora and Leanne speak and Violette takes a shower .
9h30: I take my breakfast with Pierre , Marie , Samson and Jeanne .G .
10:21: Then, we play hide and seek , yes I know it's a game for little children but I find this game really funny still at my age!!:)
12:00: We have lunch on the boat too .
2:54: We tidy our rooms . Violette and Leanne imitate gospel singers.
3:30: We are in Rosslare , in the bus I sing 'All Time Low' songs with Enora.F , Anna , Amale and Pierre . Oh my god we've got horrible voices !!!
7:30 : Sylvain our bus driver doesn't go to the right meeting point so we are a little bit late . In the family I'm with Enora , Leanne and Amelie .
8:12: I don't remember the name of our host in Ireland , but she is very nice with us !! Enora sleeps with me and Leanne sleeps with Amelie .
8:30: We eat pizza with juice , it's delicious ! :)
Saturday 28 March
6:30: Oh my god it's too early !!! I'm so tired , I gonna miss you my bed...
7:45: We are at last ready ! And we are going to walk for 15 minutes .
8:00: we are in the bus and we are going to visit the archeological museum in Dublin .
11:15: So I'm not a big fan of museums but this one is very interesting! We can see a mummy of the Egyptian king or queen . And we can see lots of old objects , for example, hunting objects .
1:16: Actually I'm in a beautiful park in Dublin with Marie , Mateo , Charles and Samson , and we eat our lunch .
2:30: We are in a Gaelic Games club , we make two groups of people , one starting playing hurling, and the other starting playing Gaelic football . I think it's very pleasant to discover new cultures and a new history , but it's better to discover a new sport ! It's the funniest moment ever ! I turn around my fingernail, ouch! ….
7:00:In the evening we learn Irish dances , it's great fun !!!
8:00: We eat lasagna with chips :)
9:45: Irish dance is the coolest dance ever! At the beginning it's a little bit complicated but when you understand it's easier .
Sunday 29 March
6:15: Oh no! I'm gonna die , it's too early !!!!
8:20: We are in the bus and we watch a film about Nelson Mandela's life . It's a great film , good choice! We're going to visit a site and hike in Glendalough .
9:45: It's very cold , and it's going to rain ….
7:41: It's was a cool visit despite the wind and the rain .
Monday 30 March
7:30: Our host in Ireland wake us up because we forgot the alarm (Enora's phone).
8:45: I'm in the bus and we are late .
9:30: I sleep in the bus because I'm still sleepy , we arrive in Causey Farm .
6:45: It is great !!We play the Bodhran (it was very noisy) , we make Irish Soda Bread ( I am with Simon and we offer our bread to Mrs Silvert to thank her for this trip ) , the women of the farm show us lambs and horses . We have Ceili dancing too, it is amazing and Mrs Silvert nearly cries , after the dance I think I lost my phone so I am very worried and finnaly I remember I pass it to my friend Emma!!I'm really an idiot :)
7:45: Leanne lost her purse , we search in our bedroom , bags , rain coat and bus , but nothing . Poor Leanne …
10:45: We are in a party with our friends on the beach and Leanne , Simon , Jeanne.G and me go for a swim . The see is extremely cold but it is fun ! Now we make our bags because we leave Ireland Tuesday morning … :(
Tuesday 31 March 2015
7:40: Bags are ok .
4:35: I'm in a Starbuck with Thibault , Tom , Charles and Mateo . Dublin is a big beautiful city , we have finished the treasure hunt .
9:45: We are in the the boat , I feel very dizzy .
9:53: I'm not ok at all I think I'm sick …
Wednesday 1st April 2015
4:25:It's clear now I'm sick!!
4:00:We are in France .
Zoé Coche 2nd6

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Sana's post :

2 years ago

Sana's post : Bad adaptor

I am going to talk about the trip to ireland.
It was an awesome trip, i spent a very good time with my friends.
The night on the boat was funny, even though we were put in the cab with a girl that we didn't know, but that didn't prevent us from having loads of fun, and talking during most of the night.
But the thing that i will never ever forget about the trip is the first night in the host family.
While Julie was charging her phone, we heard a huge noise and there was a red flash. We looked at the plug to discover that her adaptor was at the cause of all of this. Then, when we tried to charge our cellphone, we found out another great new... There was no more electricity in our room.
After that discovery, there was a very sad atmosphere in the bedroom, the girls were stressing, but i broke that atmosphere a few seconds after because i just couldn't stop laughing.
Of course that wasn't my best moment but that was memorable...
My best moments would have been during every free time we had.
Thanks guys for those amazing moments !

2 years ago

Julie's post :The crazy day in Farm!

I think my best moment ever it was in farm.. On the road, I was sat with Emma and we listened music, it was very funny. After that, we arrived in Cosay Farm and it smelt poo!
First, we did typical Irish bread and we also did dough bread battle with Intissar, Clara, Lucie and Emma. Fortunately, we have put a apron , very sexy apron!
Then, we have took a dinner with everybody. In the afternoon, we milked cow, it was disgusting! After, I saw Lucie's brothers : Sheeps! So cute!
Finally, we took tractor and we went to see peat bog, Samson walked on this. But it was a raining day so we were soaking!
Frankly, I laughed a lot because I passed the day with Emma and it's a funny girl and she laughed for nothing..

2 years ago

Olympe's post : Trip to Ireland: The first day

Rainbow in the first city
When we arrived in the rallying point the first day to take the bus, we saw a beautiful rainbow. We stop in a little city and some of us saw sea lion, but I didn’t. After we went to Dublin and visit a museum, which has a lot of different things, about Middle Age, two rooms about old Egypt who was beautiful and a strange exhibition about peoples who dies in the bog. Because of the absence of bacteria and the cold, bodies are kept and traverse ages to us in very good state. After take lunch and a short free time, we take the bus and went to a place where we tried some Gaelic’s games. We tried Gaelic’s football, which is a mix between football and rugby, hurling, which is like football but you have a bat and small balls that you have to put in balance and Gaelic’s handball. I didn’t like the hurling because it was really hard but I like the others. After we eat in the family and go to do Irish dancing and we suppose have something green. It was cool even if I was really bad. This first day was good and representative of the trip.

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2 years ago

First of all, I want to say how much I loved this trip and how much I thank every single one of you for making this trip unforgettable. I met incredible people (including some that I didn't even know by sight lol). Even if the whole trip was completely perfect, I'm going to talk especially about the transports we took. Our first night on the boat was soooooooo funny and we had a lot of fun. Like some of us were sleepy and laughed for nothing, others were playing in the child's playground, others were screaming while runing. It was really... uh... interesting xD. At night, an improvised party started and we were all dancing while the boat were pitching so we just bumped into each other all the time. And the other night I loved was the last one, on a boat as well, the one we took to go from Ireland to England. That night was enlightening. I past all the night half-sleeping half-talking with Chloé and Sana and it was just... fantastic yep. Even if it was down-to-earth I found it great and I amused myself talking and hanging around with them.

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2 years ago

Marie's post : Making Bread with Andy
When we came to the Cosay Farm, we made our own bread!
We were two by two, face to face, and we’re listening patiently the orders of Andy the farmer.
We had to put in a bowl: One egg, a spoon of white flour and one of dark flour, a little bit of salt, and a lot of love to make the best bread we never ate.
Andy sent us one egg by making flying it, that was dangerous but we all caught it!
So, no accident for us..
It was really funny, I was with my friend Charles, we laughed a lot and Andy was a very good cook-teacher !
After that, when our breads were baked, we ate it with raspberry jam! It was really good.
I liked this moment, that was great, interesting, and in Ireland everything is cool so, a funny moment more for remembrance.