Is the smart TV overkill for you?

The smart TV is a boon of modern science we all appreciate and love so much so that we are blindly falling in line to get everything that comes to the market under that attractive tag. But how many of us really need a smart TV and what’s wrong with the everyday TV set top box? We think there is nothing less in a TV set top box and the trusty old TV, and here is why.

  • From the computer to the TV

Kids are addicted to the internet. They love surfing the internet, finding new things online, chatting with friends and telling others of what they are up to. And the most worrying thing about it is the frequency with which kids are talking to their peers and doing things online. Hopping around from the laptop to the smartphone and back again has become an addiction for kids. Do you really think giving them another tool to go online is the right thing to do? TV set top box, particularly those that don’t come with networking functionalities could probably help your kids stay away from the internet for a while!

  • It’s an ecosystem that adds to your expense

The Smart TV is an entire ecosystem that opens up the door for awesome content, most of which come at a cost. Sooner or later you will feel like testing the waters with a purchase or two and then it’s all buying great content online forever and ever! Are you ready to pay more for content, isn’t the DTH channel list enough to keep you occupied? Don’t get us wrong, you can buy as much HD content as you please, but there is already more than enough on TV, don’t you think?

  • It’s a gaming platform – which you probably don’t need!

Do you want to play games? Do you have the time in the world to play games? If you do then you also might have brought proper, full-fledged gaming equipment long ago. Why would you then need another gaming platform? And if we are not mistaken your kids will take over the TV and keep you away from the TV for good!

  • Its half way between a computer and TV

A smart TV is not as smart as a proper computer and is more than a TV that just streams DTH channel list. It won’t get you anywhere near the productivity of a computer because at the end of the day it is just a glorified TV! Are you really willing to pay for it?

TV set top box of the yesteryear did everything you expected of it. The smart TV is somewhere between a computer and a TV. Are you ready to invest in one? Read to know more.