An amazing astronaut                                                 

By Nevdeep Karwal

Ronald Ellwin Evans was a NASA astronaut. He was born in St. Francis, Kansason November the tenth , 1934. He graduated from Highland High School in Topeka and later in 1956 received a degree in aeronautical engineering from the U.S Naval postgraduate school. He died in Scottsdale, Arizona from a heart attack but has his wife Jan and two children to tell his story.

Ronald Evans still holds the record until this day of the longest time period spent in Lunar orbit (six days and four hours). While he was in Lunar orbit he accurately mapped the moon with cameras and other scientific instruments. He also gathered a lot of unknown information about the moon. He later had to take a walk into deep space to retrieve film and data tapes from the command module instrument bay which had maps of the moon from Apollo 17.

Ronald Evans has affected the lives of people today by expanding their knowledge of the moon. He has done many great things for mankind and NASA. He has also been part of the of the Apollo 14 backup module. He was a member of the astronaut support crew of Apollo 7 and 11. But above all he has been the command module pilot for Apollo 17, this was the most important job of his whole entire NASA career.

Ronald Evans has contributed valued information on the moon that still helps scientist today.