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750- The first great English epic poem, Beowulf is written in Old English. The work is anonymous and untitled until 1805. It is a Christian poem that examplfies early medieval society in England and shows roots in old Testament Law.

Interesting facts-

*It is only written in old english

*The Beaowulf manuscript is now housed in the British Library, London

This Is a important part in history because, it explains the old English ways that some people might have not known about until this poem came out.

955- John XII becomes pope at the age of eighteen and rules for nine years. His title as pope examplifies the decline in value of the Church in the early - medieval period. Local lords establish control over churches and monasteries , and Church officals are often unqualfied. The majority of Priests are illiterate and live with concubines.

This is important because, he became a Pope at the age of 18 which means he was probably very intelegent and educated which most Pope`s were not.

1099 - Crusaders capture Jerusalem: Godfrey of Bovillon is elected King of Jerusalem.

Intersting Facts-

* There was over 100,000 crusaders to attack Jerusalem.

* The first crusade was the most sucessful in that it actually accomplished what it set out to do - conquer  Jerusalem.
This is a important part in history because, the crusaders attacked Jerusalem which could have affected many people, and it was the era of a new king.

1192- Richard I captures Jaffa, makes peace with Saladin, on the way home he is captured by his enemy Duke Leapold of Austria.

Intersting facts -

*Duke Leapold was made a co-ruler of the Habsburg domains of Austria & Styria after his father was murdered.

* Richard I captured the image of his age.

This is a important in history because, He did so much in a short period of time, Richard I made many faults but he is still know  as one the best kings also it kind of tells what happend in that period of time.

1215 - Signing of Magna Carta; English batons force King John to agree to a statement of their rights.

Intersting Facts-

*It was one of the most historical events of the Medieval era.

*King John was forced into signing the document because it greatly reduced the power he held as King of England and allowed for the formation of a powerful parliament.

This is a important part in history because, the Magna Carta was on eof the most important events in that time, if he King John didn`t sign the document things might have still stayed the same maybe even to this day.

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