Ishmael Beah: The Boy Who Has Seen It All
By: Jude Miller, 6th grade student at Holman Middle.

This is Ishmael Beah

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Sierra Leone

This is where Ishmael was born and raised.

Who is Ishmael Beah.

This is the story about a boy soldier names Ishmael Beah. I say “boy” because that is what he called himself in his memoirs because he was only 12 years old when his life was first touched by war. Ishmael was born in Sierra Leone, Africa in 1980. From his early descriptions, he had a fairly normal childhood prior to his village’s first attack. Ishmael had an older brother called Junior and 4 very close friends. They danced and sang to rap and hip hop, swam in the river and sat in hammocks just being boys. Ishmael had dark skin and a great smile described by Esther who turns out to play a major role in his future. Details of his struggles will be described as you read on. In short, Ishmael ran and hid from the rebels for months, fought for his government’s army for 3 years before being saved by UNICEF where is was fled to New York as a teenager.

Description organizer
This is a created picture of what it might look like when his village burnt down

What happened to him.

Ishmael was forced to leave his village and flee the rebels. He was captured by the governmental army, drugged and brainwashed to fight the rebels even if that meant killing innocent civilians. During these attacks on his village, he was surrounded by death and lost his family as a young teenager. The cause of this war is blamed on both sides. The rebels and the army both drugged their boy soldiers and had them do horrible things.

The effect this had on Ishmael was he suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and got addicted to drugs. He would see blood when he turned on a water faucet and sometimes just sat and wept. Ishmael went through rehabilitation and was able to eventually forgive himself and continue his education with the help of staff and foster family in New York. He now is a known author and member of several political rights groups. Ishmael has made appearances on television and radio and focuses on children affected by war.

Cause and Effect organizer
This is Ishmael teaching kids in Africa about how they brain wash them

Throughout his life.

Ishmael Baeh was born in 1980. In January 1993, his life was forever changed when war affected his family and friends. For several days, Ishmael, his brother and their 4 friends, walked and slept in abandoned villages, looking for food and hiding from the rebels. They were caught and managed to escape a short time later when the army attacked the rebels. One day they were caught by a group of huge men who took them to their chief. This is where Ishmael became a “boy soldier”. He was drugged and brainwashed into killing for 3 years. When he turned 16, he was saved by UNICEF and entered rehabilitation center. In 1998 he was one of several refugees who finished high school at the United Nations International School in New York. He graduated with a BA in Political Science from Oberlin in 2004. In 2007 he appeared on The Daily show with John Stewart about his first book.

Chronological organizer


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