Is It GOD or G.O.D. ?

The origin of the word God is in reality an acronym or title of GOD. Better written as G.O.D., the word GOD stands for Generator, Operator and Destroyer which is a title for anyone that can Generate or create on a whim, Operate or maintain their creation for some time, and Destroy their creation whenever the mood suits them.

Humans in their own right are similar to miniature Gods in their ability to create, operate and destroy something as small as art on the head of a pin or in the eye of a needle.

You might be tempted to think that this is impossible; no one can create art on the head of a pin or in the eye of a needle. If you thought this way, you would be wrong. There is an artist by the name of Willard Wigam, of the United Kingdom, who does just that.

Here are some examples of his extraordinary artwork... A castle in the eye of a needle... A ship on the head of a pin... Snow White and the seven dwarfs in the eye of a needle... The Statue of Liberty inside the eye of a needle...

If a human has the capacity to create something so wonderful as miniature art inside the eye of a needle or on the head of a pin, maintain it for some time, and if they so choose, destroy their miniature artwork on a whim, they then fit the definition of a G.O.D. and can be likened unto the Supreme G.O.D. in that they are able to do as the Father does, as the Bible says, “we are made in the image of GOD” (Genesis Chapter 1).

Based on the lowest common denominator or definition of GOD, anyone that can perform these three actions can rightfully be termed GOD, from the small child using building blocks to the master builder of building blocks on a massive scale like the Pyramids at Giza.

Does this line of thinking then cheapen the meaning of the word GOD? In a word, Yes.

So does this mean there is no Supreme Being who knows all, sees all and created everything? No. What this does mean is that we have to have a better way of defining the Supreme Being than just using the acronym or term or title GOD.

If I stated that in order for the Supreme Being to be, what we used to think was GOD, this Supreme Being had to have some incredibly extraordinary qualities, even to be considered, in the running (as if this were some sort of race) for the title of Supreme Being in our mind. Would you think we were on the right track to getting a useable definition for the Supreme Being?

I am unaware of your opinions on the matter, but I would personally consider any Supreme Being to be the Ultimate in Supremacy if this being would fulfill these six specific attributes, criteria or qualities to an unlimited degree, meaning to infinity and beyond, they are...

  1.                                        Knowledge
  2.                                        Beauty
  3.                                        Wealth
  4.                                        Fame
  5.                                        Strength
  6.                                        Renunciation

You may question, why these specific six?

Well, let us contemplate over this a little bit and see if we can come to a mutual understanding on a common ground. What are the attributes or qualities that seem to attract people to another person? Why are people in general attracted to very knowledgeable, beautiful, wealthy, famous, physically strong, or renounced people?

This is what we call basic human nature or the natural instincts each of us carry within us, these habits and behaviors are more likely to be exhibited in traditional scenarios in which we find ourselves and in our daily lives. If the most beautiful, smartest, wealthiest, or famous person in the world entered the room, you, anyone, everyone, and I would turn to look, maybe even twice, am I right?

Well, what if someone who possessed all those qualities and, even more, stopped by for a visit, all of our jaws would drop to the floor and we could not take our eyes off this wonderful all-attractive person. We would become speechless and nervous to be in the presence of such an all-attractive person.

We all would want to know them, associate with them, be with them, and even impress them somehow. Come on now; tell the truth, you would be right there at the front of the line trying to impress this all-attractive person too. You know you would, but there is no need to worry that you are the only one acting this way because everyone else would be behaving the exact same way. Everyone would do his or her level best to make a lasting impression on this all-attractive person.

These six types of qualities are the basis for the kinds of relationships we all seek within the very core of our being. Why is this so true? They remind us of what we consider the qualities of the best type of person to be and one that we would like to be around all of the time.

Let us look at these six qualities in a negative manner. You would not want to be with an ugly stupid poor fool who is nobody worth mentioning and constantly hangs around you and is so weak physically that you have to do everything for this person. Trying to have even a simple conversation would turn into a mind numbingly painful experience and a colossal waste of your time.

Revolting and tiring, are the two words that tend to immediately come to mind if such a person were to meet me, how about you? Would you welcome such a person into your life with open arms? I believe you would not because even a saint would be driven mad by such a person if they did exist and you encountered them.

So, what does all of this mean? It means that the Supreme Being must have all of these six qualities to such an extreme degree that you would think this person is very opulent. What does opulent mean? A quick look at the synonyms of the word opulent gives us a clue as to the meaning.

The synonyms or words that closely mean opulent are wealthy, lavish, luxurious, rich, magnificent, affluent and sumptuous.

Based on a better understanding of the word opulence we now arrive at the conclusion that the Supreme Being must have six opulences namely all knowledge, all beauty, all wealth, all fame, all strength, and to top it all off is completely renounced and is not trying to be pretentious about being full of these six opulences. According to the ancient Vedic literatures, the name of the Supreme Being that literally means the one who possesses all opulences in full is Krishna. The way we fully describe Krishna in a more all-inclusive approach is The Supreme Personality Of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna.

You may be wondering what the full descriptive name for Krishna means. The meaning is that the Supreme Being is not only simply considered GOD as............................. anyone that can Generate, Operate, and Destroy, but the head of any being one would consider to be Godlike by the use of the word Godhead. The words ‘Supreme Personality’ do not indicate that Krishna is an ordinary person, but the supreme person, because you cannot be a ‘personality’ nor have a ‘personality’ without being a person. The words ‘Lord Sri Krishna’ denote that Krishna is the Almighty Lord, the be all and end all of existence, and Sri is an invocation to the divine energies, both external and internal, of the Supreme Lord.

This leads to the understanding that the complete name of the Supreme Being is a full description in a nutshell that He is The One without a second and the GOD you used to hold in high esteem before you were informed that the word GOD is just a title.

Lord Sri Krishna is The Supreme Personality Of Godhead.

The translation into English of the full nomenclature of The Supreme Personality Of Godhead, Lord Sri Krishna is as follows: The supreme person who is the fountainhead, or origin, of all "GODs" and is the supreme lord and master of all of the six opulences namely, knowledge, beauty, wealth, fame, strength, and renunciation who simply goes by the name of Krishna to His dear children, all living beings within His cosmic creation.

Lord Sri Krishna

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