Islamic Dresses For Men And Women

Islam is one of the major religions in the world and it preaches decency and simplicity. This modesty is not only observed in their behaviour, but also in their style of dressing. People following Islam are spread across the globe and thus their style of dressing changes from place to place. Though there are certain restrictions in their clothing, still it doesn't stop them from being fashionable.

Today, Muslim clothing has been redesigned completely and we get to see an amalgamation of tradition and style for both men and women. With a wide range of options available today, both men and women can enhance their personality and add grace and charm to their dressing style. Designers add a style quotient to the Islamic dresses by using motifs, embroidery, beads and various other decorative material.

Men prefer wearing Jubbahs as they are comfortable and easy to carry. Jubbas were initially worn in the Arabic regions as it protected them from the scorching heat. Later, this apparel became an important part of the Islamic dresses for men. Thobes and Dishdasha are also in trend for men. These can be paired up with stylish Kufi and scarves that are available in various designs and colours. The world of fashion is changing tremendously and in order to keep pace with the latest fashion trends, gaining popularity among Muslim dresses for men and women are the longated tees, hoodies, jackets and pullovers. These apparels are trendy and are designed keeping in mind the modesty followed by Islam.

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