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About Ismael Soong

Ismael Soong is the Managing Director for the Asian and Middle Eastern regions at Secude AG. A global provider of data protection solutions for major oil and petroleum producers, banks, and telecom operators, Secude creates endpoint security technology to help its clients be secure and compliant with industry laws and regulations. Ismael Soong oversees sales and marketing for his regions and supervises 75 employees across locations in Dubai, Beijing, and Vietnam. He opens new markets, oversees resource allocation, and manages transition plans for the development of new products. Mr. Soong is a Secude shareholder since 2010.

Ismael Soong joined Secude after working as a consultant at Westwind Lantern Consulting for five years. Located in the Taipei 101 Tower in Taipei, Taiwan, Westwind Lantern Consulting works in intellectual property rights, deal sourcing, and due diligence. Mr. Soong’s knowledge of technologies such as next-generation CDMA and GSM networks, fiber optics, VoIP, and biometrics helped him win angel and first-round venture capital funding for his clients in social media and network management systems.

Prior to his work in international business and consulting, Ismael Soong studied international and corporate law at Harvard Law School and obtained an MPA in International Politics from the John F. Kennedy School of Government in Cambridge, Massachussetts. In law school Mr. Soong wrote for the Human Rights Law Journal and the Journal on Legislation. Also a Teaching Fellow at Harvard, he lectured on economics while a law student.

Mr. Soong’s passions outside his work are fitness and music. He loves to swim, bike, and run, and he competes in triathlons to combine the three. Trained in Suzuki violin, he participated in orchestras through secondary school and continued to engage in music through a cappella singing in university. He has a keen interest in classical and world music. 

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