Is Canada the Greatest Country to live in?

Changing population:

Canada is indeed the best country to live in because it is accepting and multicultural. Did you know that in 2006 two third of Canadian population was because of international migration and that in the past Canada had a higher average annual growth (approximately 1%) when it was compared to other developed countries. Canada's  average annual growth rate between 2000 to 2010 was 1.1% .There were 4,262,454 and 2,795,940 deaths in Canada resulting in a natural increase of 1,466,514 during 2001 to 2012 during this time net migration brought in 2,408,175 people.

Interactions in the Physical Environment

Canada has some amazing scenery, especially northern Canada  with the Canadian Shield and Arctic barrens in the far north. Canada's vegetation is very diverse between warm temperature grassland to cool boreal and mountain forests, to cold treeless arctic and alpine tundra, to freshwater and marine aquatic vegetation.Canada  usually has cold weather however it has four different kinds of seasons. Temperatures can go as high as 35°C and higher during the summer days and temperatures as low as -25 are not very common during winter.

Managing Canada's Businesses and Industries

 In 2012 the export values of Canadian merchandise were  $454.8 however in 2013 it increased to  $471.4  billion. The United States contributed to  52.1% of  Canada imports in 2013.In 2013  $19.8 billion—or 1.25% was provide by the forestry sector  adding to  Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP).During 2013 Canada had one of the largest  forest products trade balance.In 2006 the agriculture and agri-food system $87.9 billion (constant 1997 dollars) or 8% to the Canadian economy and employed 2.1 million Canadian's .

Exports 2004 - 2013
Imports 2004 - 2013

Livable Communities

There were three types of rural settlement patterns where people lived.the first one was the long lots of Southern Quebec.The second one was  the concession system of  Southern Ontario and the last one was the section system of the Prairies. Most of the settlement was based on areas near water during the 1800's. Since there were not many intersections and the villages went along the road the villages were sometimes linear shaped. The long lots of Southern Quebec were made along  waterways. Living in the long lots had many advantages  like good soil, access to waterways and neighbours .The section system of the Prairies had a different system that the land was divided into 36 sections and each section was divided video into 4 quadrants . Then one family  would get one quadrant.

However now canada is more advanced with more attraction and better built homes.population density last mesured in canda (2011) was 3.79.In 2013 most people in Canada lived in Quebec, Ontario , British Columbia, and Alberta (86.2).In 2011 more than 27 million Canadian's lived in urban area's.Toronto,Montreal ,and Vancouver made 35%of Canada's population in 2011.

The section system of the Prairies
The long lots of Southern Quebec.
The concession system of Ontario

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