Aldine iTech ThingLink Challenge...are YOU Ready?

I have been challenged to share Thinglink with educators on my campus and I started to think, "why not share with all iTechs and showcase Aldine! Right? So...I. Challenge.YOU!

Every week for the next eight weeks, Thinglink shares a challenge to get more educators involved in understanding just how much fun this "Thing" is! This week is showcasing your campus.

Your mission (if you choose to accept it):

  1. Send me a link, photo, video, recorded voice message, Google Docs/Slides...something that Screams your campus, building, office!
  2. Include your name, School name and the number of your location on the map above. (this is the actual ThingLink, so as you send me the goodies, it will become more interactive! Awesome, I know!lol)
  3. Take up a notch: Actually create a ThingLINK for your campus and share the link BELOW...
  4. All of this information can ONLY BE SUBMITTED using this TACKK! Leave your Goodies in the comment box below!
  5. READY? Set......GO!

So...your next question may be...What's a ThingLink? Check it out HERE!