By: Amy Jo Lott

England is a country in the United Kingdom. It takes up most of that area, but Wales shares that area with England.

England is really large. Because of this, it has a large population of 53,013,000. The people there dress about the same as a middle-classed American. On a more important day, the men wear suits, and the women wear nice sweaters or something formal. On a holiday, the English wear plain-colored formal clothing. The occasion determines what colors, and what styles. Here is a photo of English people on a more formal day. They would usually wear clothing like this when they go to their job. (If they work at a desk or something.)

Traditional food-

The people in England eat some interesting things. For a tradition, the English usually stick to meats such as beef, lamb, pork, chicken, and these meats are usually served with potato and one other vegetable. After dinner comes the best part- desert. For deserts, English people have a variety of puddings to choose from. The more common ones are spotted dog, roly-poly pudding, and trifle. Here is a picture of spotted dog.

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