It's Not Just Luck

A 2.5-Day Master Class in iPhone Art with Meri Aaron Walker, iPhoneArtGirl

Family, (c) 2013 Meri Aaron Walker, iPhoneArtGirl

Class Details:

From January 30-February 1, 2015, curious photographers will gather at the A Smith Gallery in Johnson City, Texas, for a 2.5-day master class in the skilled thinking and technical processing required to make serious photographs and mobile art with an iPhone and iPad.

Meri Aaron Walker, aka iPhoneArtGirl, will take participants through the ins and outs of camera replacement apps, app-stacking processes that won't degrade image quality, and the deliberate use of social media to build fruitful professional and learning relationships instead of wasting time online.

Participants will be invited to join and use a private group blog set up expressly for this class and encouraged to continue using it after the class to share inspiration, answer questions, and build learning community in the weeks and months ahead.

The workshop will be 100% hands-on, keeping you on your toes, pushing you to use the techniques you will be learning. You’ll be inspired with a wide-range of ideas for making powerful smartphone images and practice using apps you can stack to make intricately crafted images that you’re proud to display, publish and/or sell.

A recent participant had this to say about the value of this Master Class to her:

“I found Meri’s workshop to be informative and inspiring — not just how to make mobile art, but, more importantly, why? Her passion for making art every day, at any hour, in any place, is contagious, and it showed me why I might want to do this, too.

I particularly appreciated her patience with my reservations about the “validity” of iPhone art (as opposed to that executed in the darkroom or with the “big camera” or the desktop computer or exhibited only in a brick-and-mortar gallery or necessarily printed on paper). I think it was important to have these concerns addressed so that I could move on into this new world.

One of the important insights I came away with was that I am free to experiment and put new work “out there.” Meri showed us Tumblr and other photography sharing platforms and said participating is like “casting a leaf on a stream.” That really spoke to my sense of community and ability to share with others in the appreciation of our world.

Since Meri’s workshop, my behavior has changed in relation to art-making. It’s now more free and more frequent and more fun. I’ve gone from Deardorff to Digital to the Daily Dance of Art.”

~ Pat Brown

Texas Hill Country:
What A Great Place to Spend a Weekend!

Hike, bike, explore, wine tour... or browse local galleries and shops. Come early or stay late, if you like, and bask in the peace and quiet of a local bed and breakfast. Directions to the workshop location will be emailed to registrants as soon as you're reservation is made, along with a list of apps you'll need to download before the workshop. You may stay at Johnson City's lovely Chantilly Lace B&B , if you like. Reservations may be made here for the B&B online.

Read more about "It's Not Just Luck" here, or contact A Smith Gallery.  You can email the director at with questions or phone her at: 512-422-4080.

The A Smith Gallery exhibits and sells the work of traditional, alternative and mobile photographers working with a wide range of cameras and printing processes.